FITAYE - Fitness Coach App

Developing an app to help fitness coaches manage their business and connect with more clients


I was responsible for the Company Set Up feature, in the Coach interface:
coach Company set up PROTOTYPE (that i worked on)
Coach interface prototype (worked on as a team)


  • This is a 2 week client project from Xccelerate’s UX Design Bootcamp, completed with the June 2022 Cohort.
  • The project’s Client will be referred to as “FITAYE”, to avoid confusion as the app’s user groups are referred to as “coach” and “client”.


  • FITAYE is a client to coach booking application, where fitness or sport coaches can manage their business on the app, and clients can use it to search, book, chat and pay for freelance coaches.
  • We tested, review, and improved FITAYE’s beta app and existing website, based on new research.
  • At the end of week one, the project scope changed. Due to this, we faced some unexpected challenges.

My Role

  • I was proactive in initiating and maintaining our project timeline, task list, stand-up agenda, meeting notes and research plan.
  • I made significant contributions to the app and website analysis, interviewee scouting, and research artefacts.
  • During designing, I created the search result cards, which is a key element of the partners search page.
  • I led the service report planning, created the presentation template, wrote some sections, proof-reading and edited with a team member.
project objectives
fitaye beta app analysis

Research & Findings

Assumptions & Hypothesis

Our assumptions are based on our understanding of the freelance fitness coach scene in Hong Kong (some of the cohort are target users), the information provided by FITAYE, and the cohort’s analysis of the beta app.
Assumptions & Hypothesis

Secondary Research

key competitor analysis

Primary Research (Interviews)

  • We planned our interview in the coach and client teams, but aligned with each other so the data received could be aligned.
  • We interviewed 10 target users in total; 4 coaches and 6 clients.
  • The coach team were given 4 coaches that were already signed-up on the app.
  • For the client team, I scouted and interviewed 3 users.
  • We created separate Coach & Client Affinity Maps, to compare the answers of our users.

Defining the Problem


Please note the coach insights below are my synthesis of the research conducted by the coach team. For the client team, I was responsible for writing our insights.

Problem Statements

Please note the problem statements below are my synthesis of the research conducted by our team mates.
problem statements

User Stories & Jobs-To-Be-Done

As I only interviewed clients for primary research, I was responsible for these artefacts:


Taking the Insights, actionable ideation maps were created, to structure our ideas for the design phase.

User Flows - Company Set Up

This feature is for coaches use only. For clients, they will see both freelance coaches and companies (gyms or studios), in the search results.


I worked on the company set up section of the coach sitemap, and created the whole client sitemap, with some input from each team.

Service Blueprint

This displays the interaction between clients, coaches, FITAYE’s backend team and third party systems. FITAYE’s current systems can be compared to this blueprint, to discover areas of improvement.
CLICK FOR Service Blueprint - by myself & team mates


I worked on the Company Set Up feature with one other classmate. As I took on finishing the missing artefacts and a lot of responsibilities on the service report, my team mate took on more design tasks.

Wireframe 1

  • To start, I reverse engineered the Account page, as that’s where the Company Set Up page & others, would be accessed.
  • My design team mate suggested using the primary blue as a background. Although it was against the design system, he wanted to propose it to FITAYE.

Wireframe 2

  • Following meetings with FITAYE and our cohort, we agreed to keep the original background colour. 
  • I updated the company profile page form, and created a more refined progress bar. 
  • My team mate created the inviting employee coach flow.
coach prototype flow


I was responsible for the Company Set Up feature, in the Coach interface:
coach Company set up PROTOTYPE (that i worked on)
Coach interface prototype (worked on as a team)

Reflections & Recommendations

Recommendations/ Next Steps


Impact of your Work

  • FITAYE did not have user flows or wireframes for any of the product roadmap features. Our prototype began the design process for these features and provided many ideas.
  • The Company Set Up feature is key in building trust on the platform, as clients will see recognisable companies and allow small companies to build a client base on the app.
  • I’ve taken on multiple responsibilities and often took leadership roles, which aided our team in this project.


  • How to adapt and re-align ourselves as a team, when the project scope changes unexpectedly. 
  • Importance of the design system, as our prototype has inconsistent styles.
  • How to be a better leader and teammate. Our cohort was supportive and understanding of each other.

Challenges & Improvements

challenges & improvements
My Role
Change of Scope
Back Up